Console Upgrades & Repairs

Looking to upgrade the hard drive on your PS3 and/or Xbox 360? Do you need a backlight for your Gameboy Color? Bring it to us!  We can take care of all your video game needs. Red Ring of Death causing you grief, Yellow Light of Death keeping you down? Don’t worry, World-8 has the cure! Bring in your malfunctioning consoles, old or new we can fix it!
  • PS4 HDMI Repair $120
  • PS4 HDD upgrade (2TB) parts + Labor $150
  • PS3 Disc Drive Replacement (Original $50 / Slim $60)
  • XBOX 360 Disc Drive Replacement (Original $65 / Slim $70)
  • PS3 Laser Replacement $80
  • XBOX 360 Laser Replacement (Original $35 / Slim $50)
  • Wii Laser / Disc Drive Replacement $65
  • 3DS Top Screen Replacement $95
  • 3DS L / R Triggers (One $20 / Both $35)
  • System Cleaning $25 – $35

Email us at if you have any repair questions!

Arcade Stick Upgrades & Repairs

Arcade and fighting game enthusiasts World-8 is now selling arcade sticks! Not only we do sell them, we can also modify/upgrade your current sticks! Want your PS3 stick to work on an Xbox 360 or vice versa? How about customizing it to your own unique style? We’ve got an assortment of buttons, ball-tops and bat-tops.
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